Those Who Do Not Learn From History
are Destined to Repeat it

A Prayer!

Join me in this prayer for all the people in IRAQ

God of love and care remember and have mercy
on our brothers and sisters in Iraqi
and bless them with your healing touch

Embrace Iraqi children
 who are scared and trembled
in fear and hold them tight in your
compassionate arms 

We pray to you Lord
to keep people of Iraq close
to you while suffering and hurting  
and give them security, serenity and 
peace in their lives

We ask You Lord 
to grant our leaders  
the power and strength of eagerness for
Peace, Integrity and Justice.

Thank you Lord,
for Your creation.
Forgive our destruction to Your creation.
Forgive our cruelty toward each other.

Lord, We stand in gratitude for Your continual love for us.   
Lord, fill our hearts with Your Love and mutual respect for each other. 
We ask you Lord for Peace in our homes, communities, cities, countries and in the world.

May peace reign on earth!

The Webmaster

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