W E L C O M E  TO  B A H R A

I am pleased to add my Website to hundreds of other websites who offer a place for Assyrians,Chaldeans and all Iraqis to connect with each other and entertainment.  I was inspired to create a website to publish my and other's thoughts and to express our opinions to the rest of the world through BAHRA. 

In August of 2008 BAHRA et Bet-Nahrain website was born and its maninly managed by Anna Rehana.  My main goal as an Assyrian woman is to provide the essential informations and the facts about our history;  past, present and future.  As a nation we have to move forward in order to accomplish our Long Term Goal, therefore: We have set up standards to improve ourselves  as individuals & We have to  provide exeptional guideness for others to follow. 

I hope that my message will reach millions of people of all ages around the world.  Future of "BAHRA" depends on your participation and your constructive inputs.

Viva Assyria ! 
Khaya Ator !





























Assyrian National Anthem in midi format
Nebu Juel Issabey
Midi Composer:
Dan Lundberg
Yosip Bet Yosip
Khä B'Nësán (April 1st) - Assyrian New Year
Assyrian Calendar
7th of August, Assyrian Memorial Day

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