About The Webmaster           

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq and attended an Assyrian School since grade one.  I learned to read and write in my own language, the Aramaic.

Qasha Khando School    

We moved from the small house in "Kamp Al-Gaylany" to a new big one that my father built in NaAyria-O-Gayara, in Baghdad.   I had to go to a public school not too far from were we lived, there they didn't teach in Aramaic.  Only Arabic language was used in teaching so my father started teaching us the Assyrian language at home. 

After I graduated from high school, I attended the "University of Engineering Technology" in Baghdad.  In the same year, I became an active member of the Assyrian Educational Club.

I was involved in many of the club's activities were I made lots of Assyrian friends.  This Club was the main place for many of young Assyrians men and women to meet, socialize and learn.

I came to Canada in 1979 and I have been living in Edmonton since then. 


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