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are doomed to repeat it

Reply of President of BAHRA et Bet-Nahrain
to President of St. Joseph Iraqi Association -
Peter Putrus

Hello Peter Puturs and members of St. Joseph Iraqi Association,

I am only responding to your earlier email to me. Let me tell you this in case you forgot, Remond Sullaiman, Vice President of St. Joseph gave me, when I was a member, a list of rough copy of Iraqi names, email addresses and phone no's.  I generated an emailing list on a spread sheet, printed it and gave it back to mr. Sulliamn and I emailed a copy to, one of your members at that time Isam Ayoub, who was in charge then.

For so many years, this list of names has been published and it’s been circulated around by myself and Isam Ayoub and by others, advertising for your parties and no single soul said anything or complained, WHY NOW ? ? ?  

Why only when I published an article of what Father Asber had to say about your St. Joseph association on BAHRA website, You asked me to stop emailing my people?

For your knowledge
this article is published
in 2 other websites, one of them is  
so are you going to boycott Ankawa website too?  I doubt it!

How can you, Peter, and members of st. Joseph accuse me of selling these email addresses to other organizations??  You people know that I am not like this.  Do you know what else my friends?  This threat will not back me off an inch from doing what I am doing to serve my people and to be faithful and loyal to them and to my country, Iraq. 

My mession is to serve my Assyrian/Babylonin/Syriac people where ever they are in the world and to continue carry the responsibility that our parents left us with so we don't get lost as a nation.   

As you all know that I offered my help to St. Joseph many times.  If someone didn't know his/her history, I could've tought, if someone didn't know how to read and write in their own language I could've tought, evern if someone didn't know how to dance "" Khegga et Belateh””  I could've tought.  For some reason that I CAN NOT figure it out, St. Joseph members always refused my help.  WHY?   

Why?  When our people are lacking the basic knowledge of thier history and have no clue what our alphabets look like?????
Don't you know my friends that without these basic foundations, we can not call oursleves a nation?  Our ancestors fought and died to save their country, so they can have the freedom of practising their relegion and traditoions.  To raise us and give a land of our own to live in it not just protected and a safe but PROUD Iraqis!  

publishing what father Asber had to say about your Association, 
                                        not being of much a help to our Iraqi people, it's our rights to know WHY?  

Peter, You are the president of st. joseph society that suppose to represent us as Iraqi Christians not as Syrians or Lebanese Christians. You and your members are supposed to listen to our needs and respect our rights and be proud of every single one of your Iraqi people achievements.  Do not block us and resist anything we do and say.  

I will give you one, out of thousands of examples;  Why
None of you supported BAHRA's website, belongs to one of your Iraqi member in your Edmonton city.  You should been proud of it and supporting it, even if it's a simple thing like publishing your parties' pictures in BAHRA website, side by side with Ankawa.  No matter how much I asked Mr. Sullaiman to do that, he always, ignored my request.

I don’t understand what members of St. Josep have against ME, BAHRA and people who have the knowledge, the education & the capability of doing something meaningful and helpful to our Assyrians/ Babylonians and Syriac.  We are only trying to offer our knowledge and helping hands and to put our energy that we have into a good use to serve not only you and me but our people and nation in general. 
                                               Selfishness is number one killer for Achievement & Success.

I had a call from Your Second in command at st. joseph accusing me of being racist against Syrian people, because I said in my speach for the petition, that Iraqi people have been abused in Iraq and in Syria. 

To the person who accused me and to all memebers of St. Joseph and to peter, the president .. How can I or someone be a racist if they are standing for their own peoples' rights?  Iraqi Christians are threatened, kidnapped, tortured and killed in their own country .. do you guys think they will be welcomed in another, muslim country??   Please, think twice before you answer. 
So, I was surprised and I couldn’t believe that my own Iraqi brother was accusing me and putting me down for defending my and his people for hurting a one of the Syrian guest's feelings for speaking the truth.  Instead, I was expecting a praise and support from your members for my mission to help our people.  

So,can you please Peter, president of St. Joseph that represent me and my community, explain to me and to your community this bizarre behavior of one of your main members towards me ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Father Asber told me and mr. Sullaiman, when we were in his church, to let St. Joseph sponser this petition and I agreed with him and mr. Sullaiman also, agreed.  Later when I called mr. Sullaiman he said that St. Joseph can NOT sponser the help Iraqi Christians Petition.  


Tell me one thing Mr. President and rest of st. joseph members, tell me why you are against anyone who is trying to make a difference and a positive change in our community??? Why you are not letting us work hand in hand with you??? why you are minimizing Your Iraqi men and women capabilities and our potentials and abilities to do anything??(simple example: in your last party, your member picked a Syrian person to be our MC our last party hosted, arranged and funded by Iraqi people)  Why?   

Peter and st. joseph members .. I don’t think Iraqi people need any more SADDAM OR BAATH PARTY’S RULES AND REGULATION IN CANADA!   Do not EVER...AGAIN assume bad stuff about me as I only give love and support to you because I have a soft and a very  loving heart to every single member of my Iraqi people.

To All brothers and sister from ASSYRIANS/BABYLONIANS/SYRIACS, I know you have the power of thinking and the power of doing and all the capabilities to lift your name as a one nation, up and only that way we can be strong and will not let anyone to control our mind and thinking and freedom of speech. 

The most and scary damaging prison of all is the prison of MIND                                              
                                                              You will not put me in one!                                                                           
I give high respect to all men and women who are brave and stand up in front of who ever want to stop them or delay their mission as Assyrians, Babylonians and Syriacs .. Christians.  

If you still prefer to be silent and do nothing about what you see and don’t see happening in your community,  then please don't complain and do not be surprised that you will be disappointed more and more. Then when you are ready for get involved and to make the change, I might not be there for you.     

False history gets made all day,any day. T
he truth of the new is never on the news.

   Thank you.

 The Webmaster 













































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