BAHRA et Bet Nahrain

Those who don't learn from history
are doomed to repeat it

 Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it!

Remond,  I am respnding to your email on Feb. 18/09.  You're fogetting one simple thing that Our action speaks lowder than your words and I am not  spending my energy on false and petty accusations while my people (our people) are in disperate need of our help.  I am so surprised to see this kind of reaction from you  (not sure if you are speaking on bahave of all members of St. Josehp)  to outcast me and accuse me of being hateful and discriminative toward other ethnicities without any solid grounds and I will hold you liable for this. 

Now, it's Time for a few important lessons for the sake of lacking it;  
In most cases our way of life is determined by our geographical location and the Canadian way of life was afforded to us by the resources that comes along with our geographical location.  If what I am saying is hard to understand then please, do some reading.  I
f it's still too heavy then let me simplify it more>> Can you trap Alaskan King Crabs off the coast of Japan? or Can you go snow skiing in Saudi Arabia without fake snow?  We should all be using this geographical locations (living in Canada) in any possible way to lend a helping hand to our people who are going through a very hard time and who are in a great need of our help, not this Childish Arguing.  

I asked my community for help tp go out and protest against the war in Iraq, I asked for help to do a petition to give to government of Canada to help Christian Iraqis, I asked many times for permissions to read my shot peome in some our own parties &  Yes, you guessed it right readers;   I was turned down every single time by some silly execuses as: Too cold to go out and protes or this is a social fun party and we don't want to be involved in politics & we can't upset other people who are not Iraqis with our problems. 

   We have to have love for each other first before we can love Others and even before we can love GOD!

Remond Sulaiman, please try not to wast my time and your energy Unintelligently.  L
et us start working together for the sake of our Assyrian / Babylonian and Syriac Nation & Let us show our love to each other first t
hen to OthersI'm only doing my job as a  Devoted Assyrian woman that has lots of love my, lots of energy and lots of passion to preserve my Assyrian language, tradition & my pride as an Assyrian woman.  If you or any one else don't like what I or Others are doing and you don't want to help then STEP ASIDE  and let us work freely without your negativity. 

What I am doing is my job, your job..our jobs! 
We don't have any choice anymore my friends.  Our country is stolen from us and we're only offering belly dancing parties.   
Do you have still care for your country or for your people left in Iraq? 
Does it have to be your own family for you to care? 
Is it enough watching the Satalite News to offer help to our people?  

It's about time to stop smelling only, the new paint of our homes....
and start smelling the smoke that's coming from our burning churches in Iraq.

Stop hiding behind your social club and start to use it as an environment ..
to plant a seed of hope and to nourish the helping spirits by the name of St. Joseph Association ....  
then and only then our dance will be for victory! 
Let us combine our efforts and talents and any positive work and put into a good use for the benefits of our people. 

We can do all this and achieve our goals ONLY if you can look beyond your hatred and discrimination
between each individual iraqi person!   

Thank you.

Your sister

Always Remember This!
imprisons life & love releases it.
Jealousy paralyzes life & love empowers it.  


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