BAHRA et Bet Nahrain


Dear Ramiz, 

Your action was taken following a report on the meeting with, Father Asber on 7 websites, including BAHRA's.  Surprisingly and very Sadly, forgetting the main reason of leaving our own contry and living in Canada is to have this kind of freedom, Freedom of Speach ... What can we say! 

You know very well that this kind of action;  Wont and Will NOT Stop the Truth from Being Said, sooner or later. 

Thank God we are in Canada and we have the freedom of speech on the Internet that prevent individuals that are still stuck in dectatorship minds from acting like a "cyber police" on us.

BAHRA website still keep on provinding history facts and true informations without any restrictions or fear from any dectators or individuals accept the Allmighty God who is in Heaven. Bahra will be publishing any article submitted, as long as it is justifying and standing behid the truth.  


                                                                                   Let BAHRA shines in!   
It's my duty as a webmaster to shine the light into the dark years we have been going through in Edmonton and no one has the guts to stand up and say or do something about it.  Avoiding the agruments, like what's happening right now between Iraqi people who've been frozen and motionless like the water of an artificial lake, most of us chose to stay away, be safe and not face wrong doers ( NO Doers) with right with their problems.  I can think of ONLY ONE name for those individuals ....  I hope I am mistaken! 

                                                                   Let the SUN shine in!   
                                Let   BAHRA   shines   in!   

For Now, I can only say this my friends:
I don't need to be scared, anymore, to speak up my mind.  We all have the maximum rights of  ""free speech""  &  we are blessed in Canada that we have this great tradition.  

If you are still not agreeing then I would definitley ask: Why are you still living in Candada? 

Thanks so much. 


The Webmaster












































































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