BAHRA et Bet Nahrain



We have learned from Bible that our Lord Jesus Christ was led to the desert to be tempted by Satan. Jesus fasted for forty days and nights then he He became hungry. Satan seeing Jesus week Physical, thirsty, hungry and lonely approached him to temped him. Jesus as the son conquered all the temptations of Satan using the words of God. Thus beloved brothers and sisters of Christ if Jesus the son of God was tempted by Satan how much more we are exposed to be tempted by our adversary. Temptation is not a sin but to fall under the influence of temptation is a grave sin.
Temptations come to us at the time we are lonely, hungry, in need, sick and etc. Let us in such times be strong and depend on the word of God to fight all kinds of temptations which Satan puts in our way. Our Lord taught us to fight Satan with fasting, prayer and with the divine words of God. Therefore let us equipped our selves with the weapon of the words of God by Reading one chapter of the Bible each day. and also let us strength our soul by fasting and praying during this season of lent.
As Christians we are obligated to teach to others what have we learned from our Lord. Please let us take some time read these lessons and teach them to our children.  Go to  May God bless you all. Amen
Yours in Christ,

Cor-Bishop Dr. George Toma
Saint Andrews Parish - Glenview, IL


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