BAHRA d Ninveh

Those who don't learn from history
are doomed to repeat it

CNN vs. Assyrians

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I have seen this myself, in 2007, I was invited by CNN to give an interview about the tragedy of the Iraq Museum and the archaeological sites.  One day before the interview, I got an e-mail from a friend speaking about the persecution in Dora when Al-Qaida were moving from door to door of the Assyrians and ordering them to convert to Islam or the next day they will be killed. 

The day of the interview and after we finished, I handed the reporter a copy of that e-mail, he said he knew Dora and he has been there, I said:
" well, this a very important story and fresh one, you may check it and announce it"  

I waited and waited but nothing was announced!  It looks they (CNN) have very special orders ???? !!!!!!
Donny George 

  The Webmaster 



























































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