BAHRA d Ninveh

Those who don't learn from history
are doomed to repeat it

 Dear Bahra,

Even the President of America George W. Bush, the Son, before invading Iraq, he was speaking about liberating Iraq from Saddam Husain.  If remember that he did mention the Assyrian name, but only once. After the invasion of Iraq, he never again dared to mention the Assyrian name, as we all know they receive orders from Israel the Zionist. 

When they mention the Kurds, they will make sure to refer to them as Kurdish.  But when they speak about us, they refer to us as Iraqi Christians.  The reason they say Iraqi, so that they will identify us as Arab Christians.  This is why we must refuse to be called Iraqi Christians.  This is why we need t flood  their E-mails with our complains and let htem know that there refusal and ignorant behavior will not be tolerated.  We must not stop writing, not only to CNN but to all the major news media, like the Fax news, ACB, CNBC. 

We must use the power of the internet to our advantage
That is all we have as a weapon. 


  The Webmaster 

















































































































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