We deserve and we must have a home to call our own!


Make  Your  Voice  Heard

L e t s   P r o t e s t !

Ther may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice but there must NEVER be time when we fail to protest

Protest is the resistance that is Sensible even for those who are not heroes by nature and An Obligation for those who despise the existing situation and fear the reality and on the people int he future.

I believe that:  
While there is hunger and poverty anywhere
 in the world, I am against it.
When there is violence anywhere in the world, I am not in favor of it. 
When there is killing of innocent Christian people in my country, then . . I AM

So, watching Iraq's news on Satalite TV, talking about it, Praying and Crying for the Iraqi Christians who are prosecuted & tortured is not enough, we need to do more than this, my friends.
We need to raise our voices and let the world know that those people in IRAQ are not alone. Let them know that we are condeming all the barbaric acts against them and that we will not rest until something is done about it.  

Something for you to think about:
If we can fill a big hall to get together for any occassions like; X-mas parties, then I can't see why we can't fill the same hall to get together to discuss the situation of our people in IRAQ and to pray together for their safety. 
OK Folks! 
Now, I think it's time we the Iraqi community in Edmonton have to step up and fight back against killing and denying the rights for our people to have a land in the north so they can feel save to live there and to raise their children.  

I think we need to protest because they currently denying our rights to have that and they are killing innocent Christians for their believes. 

Many of our people died and the living one are suffering adn they need mine and your help.  We can use our voices here in Canada so the officials and the world can hear and act on it. 

Lets start with a peaceful demonstration, this is the least we can do to help. 
Remember my friends that,
Silent is Not Acceptable Anymore!  

If somenone would like to help me to arrange for a protest and develope a petition that would be great! I can be reaced @ 
odisho76@hotmail.com   Your suggestions are appreciated and will help save lives of our people.   


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