BAHRA d Ninveh

Those who don't learn from history
are doomed to repeat it

Attention CNN.

My name is Banipal Mishael Laazar, I' am Christian Assyrian American citizen.

My question is for all of your CNN reporters. Why is it that no reporter talks about the Assyrian Christians that are suffering and facing persecutions by the new democratic governments of Iraq, the Kurdish and the Shi-att. Where is the justice and the freedom that U.S. government brought to Iraq. Where is the protection for the unarmed minority Assyrian Christians, the indigenous people of Mesopotamia.

The Former Bush administration provided the no flying zone for the armed Kurdish and armed Shi-att people, but fell to provide protection for the unarmed Assyrians. The result as you see, the Kurdish and the Shi-att have their independent and control, but the Assyrians have the persecutions. Even under the dictator Saddam Husain, the Assyrians did not suffer so much of persecutions. Is this the world of the democracy that we are living in today.

The Assyrians were the first civilized nation about 3000 years ago. They contributed and brought to the world the Education, Science, Technology, Medicine. They were the first in their time, Unfortunately they are the last today, not because of their will, instead because of the will of the Democrat governments and the will of the Dictator governments. The will of the united nations.

The united lousy nations. Iraq has become the country of the scavengers, same as Hyenas.The reality is, there is no democracy in the world. The strong will eat the weak, and the right is with the one who has the might.

Our land has been invaded by the Arabians, the Turks and the Kurdish people. The sad part is not that they have invaded our land, but the united lousy nations will not admit or to speak the truth that Mesopotamia the modern day Iraq, belongs to the Assyrians. I guarantee that even you the CNN will not report any subject that involves the Assyrians, and even if you did, you will only refer to them as Iraqi Christians, because you will not dare to say ASSYRIANS.

We are not Iraqis, we are Assyrians. The name of Iraq was formed in the 1900's. The name of the Assyria is been created by God since the creation of the universe.

CNN, you suppose to be wise and educated, but you fell to mention Assyrian name. Read the history books so you can educate your reporters.

CNN will send their reporters to the most rural party of the world, but fell to send them to see the thousand and millions of Assyrian refuges in Jordan and Syria, that escaped Iraq fearing for their lives from the democratic government of the Shi-att and the Kurdish, or the demon- erratic governments.

We hope that one day you will come to your sense. It is your duty to report the truth about every thing and every issues.

Dear fellow Assyrians, we urge to flood the E-mail of CNN with your comments about our nation, keep writing to them until they respond to our issues. We have no weapon to fight, buy we have a pencil to write 

Bne Ashur Mkhayde

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