Opinions and Facts

         No nationals of any of the aggressive countries escaped the horrors of the world conflict of 1914-18, but no nation lost exactly two thirds of its numbers as did the Assyrian nation. 

while admittedly the eleventh day of November, 1918 was celebrated to mark the end of human troubles and open a new page in the history of civilization, the Assyrian horizon was permitted to remain cloudy.

Even as of today, death is playing havoc with thousands of men, women and children were the blood of many innocent persons has not yet ceased to flow.

       The Right Rev. E. A. Burroughs, D. D.-, Bishop of Ripon  has made the following statement:

". . . But so lately as last August another blow fell on the good name and prestige of Great Britain, the full extent of which does not seem to be at all widely realised. I refer to the massacre of Assyrian Christians at Simel and elsewhere in Iraq.

        Sir Arnold Wilson4 dealing with the services rendered by the Assyrians states:

"They gave their services freely, not to the Arab, but to the British Government, in the hope that a measure of justice would some day be vouchsafed to them. We had used them so freely against Turks, Arabs and Kurds alike."

         The difference between the Armenian and the Assyrian massacres lies in the fact that in the case of the first every possible step was taken to denounce it, whilst in the second every imaginable precaution has and is being taken to confine, in vain, its sad news to the area still stained with Assyrian blood.

        As you can see dear reader that  
" History has recorded this unfaired tragedy which has resulted in the destruction of
the    the majority of one of the
 oldest Christian people".




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