IRAQ, Be My Valentine


On Valentine Day, the day of eternal affection, 
my thoughts naturally turn into your direction

Years we’ve been apart, memories easy to remember
My feelings, for you, still genuine and tender
Caus, I have known you as long as I remember

You gave me strong foundation, no one can take away
You are the core reason for my survival everyday
Without you, I would not be the woman that I am today

The taste of your holly rivers filled my thirst for Love & Affection
The glow of your bright sun lit-up my pathway in all direction
     Iraq, you engraved beautiful feelings in my heart, without restriction

 My dear Country
When I saw your humiliation, I remembered your pride
When I heard your children crying, I remembered your glorious years
When I felt your pain and misery, I remembered your peaceful rivers
When I sensed your fear and hopelessness,
I suffered

 apology to you Iraq
For my sorrow and my grief couldn’t make your pain leave
let your troubles flow freely into my garden                   
and please remember, to me, you’re not a burden
let me be the soil for your tears& let my songs ease your fears

I love you so much my country, I want to Shout
Until we are together again Iraq,
hold me close to your heart as I have from the start

On Valentine
I send my love to you, cause you're mine
May God, grant your enemies temperance and tolerance
and to grant you my dear country
Freedom, Justice and Peace
So, until then,, Shalom my beautiful Iraq




 ~♥~Anna Rehana~♥~




































































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