Those who don't learn from history
are doomed to repeat it



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From:  raymond sulaiman (ray_t_sulaiman@yahoo.ca)
Sent: February 18, 2009 11:17:30 PM
To: Anna (odisho76@hotmail.com)


This email is in response to the article you have published on the bahra website. First of all, I would just like to state that I was pretty appalled at some of the remarks that were made in your article. I was expecting bahra to be a website dedicated to spreading the word of love towards the Christian/Assyrian religion. It was to my surprise to find that the website contained such discriminating and harsh comments about other ethnicities.

The article contained some hypocritical comments, you claim that you do not differentiate between Iraqi and non-Iraqi people and yet you cast out Syrians because you claim that they treat Iraqi’s badly in their country. Isn’t being Christian about uniting and accepting all those who believe in the same God? You are merely casting out people who are not of Iraqi descent, assuming that they are some how different. These people whom you are casting out as “outsiders” are the same individuals who show up and support all of our events in the most positive way. Our Christian community has grown stronger thanks to all of the support we have received from the Iraqi, Syrian, and Lebanese participants. If it wasn’t for their influence, we would not have made the differences that you see today. We have experienced a lifetime of enjoyment and friendships with all of the people who are a part of this community. You seem to have clearly forgotten to mention all of the positive contributions all Christians have made to our organization. The website is supposed to support and encourage the joining and participation of this Christian group, and yet the words in your article reflect the opposite.

 We regret the unpleasant comments that were mentioned in your article about us as part of an Iraqi Christian community who are trying their best to bring to Canada their Iraqi Christian members, who are oppressed in their homeland of Iraq. Also, do you honestly believe that you are making a difference by trying to cause problems in our community? As Christians, we need to strive to stick together and help each other out when the need arrives. You, on the other hand, are only trying to break the bond that has been growing for years amongst us. That is really making a difference, but the change that you are trying to make is a NEGATIVE one. What could possibly make you think that trying to discriminate against our community members is actually bringing out a positive change.

In summary, it is our duty as Christians (no nationality is attached to that word) to live up to our name and follow in the teachings of Jesus Christ which tell us to love our friends and enemies, forgive as God forgives us, and to refrain from discrimination against certain groups. If you do not recall these principles, I advise you to refer to the Holy Bible for some guidance. Please refrain from sending me emails of any sort or publishing pictures of me or my family on websites that we did not consent to, for that is a breach of privacy.


Take care and God bless,

Raymond Sulaiman

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