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Saddam Hussain's Timeline

April 27, 1937            Saddam Hussein as a boy
Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti born in a town near Tikrit, Iraq. 

October 7, 1959       
Mr. Hussein escaped to Egypt after being wounded in a failed plot to assassinate Iraq's Premier Abdul Karim Kassim.

July 17, 1968                          
Maj. Gen. Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr assumes control of Iraq in Baath party coup.

July 16, 1979            
Mr. Hussein named president of Iraq after President Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr resigns for reasons of health.

July 29, 1979          
Mr. Hussein conducted a first major purge of government officials after taking power.

August 9, 1979        
21 officials executed for an alleged conspiracy against the government.

September 23, 1980           
Iraq seized disputed territory on the Iranian boarder as fighting escalated between the two nations.

March 16, 1988                                
Chemical weapons were used against the Kurdish village of Halabja, killing 5,000 people.

August 20, 1988                   
The war between Iraq and Iran ends with a cease-fire.

August 3, 1990                      
Iraqi forces invaded neighboring Kuwait, a move that was quickly condemned by a unanimous U.N. Security Council.

March 2, 1991                       
In the aftermath of the Gulf War, American officials struggled over what to do about Mr. Hussein.F

December 27, 1998                    
Air strikes on targets inside Iraq failed to end the stalemate between Mr. Hussein and the United States.

January 30, 2002                  
President Bush names Iraq as one of the countries in the "axis of evil."

February 26, 2003           
Mr. Hussein was interviewed by Dan Rather of CBS News and denies breaking the rules of the sanctions.

April 9, 2003                      
Coalition forces occupy Baghdad after invading to disarm Iraq.

Dec. 15, 2003                   
Mr. Hussein was captured in makeshift hide-out in Iraq by coalition forces.

Nov. 6, 2006                       
Mr. Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging by an Iraqi court set up to judge the brutalities of his 24 years in power.

Dec. 30, 2006                                           
Mr. Hussein was executed for the killings of 148 men and boys in the northern town of Dujail in 1982.

                                                                                    The end of the Dictator  


                                                                                            Saddam Hussain

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