We deserve and we must have a home to call our own!

Iraq's Christians are Under Attack! 

The Recent Attack on Christians Churches in IRAQ, are believed to be the first of their kind in the Country's History. 

To all My Brothers and sisters,
Today more than ever we need to Act, we have to Speak up!    
Killing of Iraqi Christians has to stop, your Voice will save innocent lives.                     


These People need your Help!
They need your prayers too.       click here to read more ..       
hristians who are being persecuted by the Islamic fanatics
inretaliationfor the invasion of that country by the coalition forces.       
People who have survived for thousands of years in their historic homeland are suddenly in danger of extinction.  
Almost 700,000 Christian Assyrians have been forced to flee to Syria and Jordan living on the streets in tents with little food or clothing. 
So far, US government has done NOTHING to alleviate the Christians suffering or provide protection for those who remain in Iraq. 

      God Bless!              

Contact the White House  
 By: E-mail & Tell them:
 The Killing of Innocent Christians in IRAQ, MUST STOP! 
US and the whole world has a moral responsibility
to stop the ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Christians.

Contact informations for the White House:
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