This is the time of year when we begin to make preparations
and gather together with our families and friends

celebrate the holidays and bring in the New Year

fill of love, hope and good to all people
and not just to ourselves

and our families. 


As we all know,

this holiday season is going

to be different for some.
The economy has

shifted into a recession, thousands have lost jobs, food

and fuel prices are up, and people are struggling just to make ends

meet for everyday living let alone trying to figure in holidays like Thanksgiving and especially Christmas. 

Here is a free gifts

that we can give and  it won’t cost

you a dime but the impactthereof will last

a lifetime and bring joy to you and the ones you love. 

                                                                          What's the Gift?                                                                                           

is the best Gift for

Right now is the perfect time to let go of of enses and things that people have done to hurt us.
I am working on this area in my life myself. Sometimes it’s possible to not be aware of feelings
that we still hold on to in our hearts and minds. I felt justified to hold on to
my anger and unforgivingness, after all I was hurt and deeply wounded!
But yet when I offend someone I want forgiveness instantaneously.

When you choose to truly forgive,you release yourself once and for good.
To say I will forgive but not forget is not really forgiveness at all because we
when make statements like that it causes us to live the experience over and over again,
and as we relive it the feelings of hurt and anger associated with the offense to come to
surface in our emotions toward that individual or situation because we have allowed it to fester within us. 

   Forgiving  -  is not easy 

It is not the easiest thing to do especially when the wounds cut so deep.
I remember something happened to me about 6 years ago and that thing destroyed me
it completely took my mind, my peace, my joy, and my
strength—I thought I would never get over it.
It’s true that time heals all wounds, but it doesn’t mean that it should take a lifetime for the wounds
to heal. 

So, make a decision and try to release yourself by fogiving. 
You don’t even have to make a phone call or write a letter, 
just let go and be free.



Because of unforgiveness

some of us have not talked to
our parents, siblings, family members 
and friends for years and somtimes for ever
and that is not a healthy living. 

 It’s a new season,
it’s a new day, it’s time
to forgive and let go. So much time
has been wasted, so much time has been
only to satisfy our selfish pride that
don't serve anyone but the evil.

Christmas is about forgiveness . .  demonstrated on the cross. 

Have a Safe and Happy holidays ! 
































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