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Odisho Rihana



Since this is my first website I felt obligated to do a short tribute to my father, God bless his soul.

Learning the Assyrian language at home was lots of fun for me because my Dad made it so. I learned alot and I became very fluent in reading any book in my own language.  Most important thing was that I had to spend time with my father and I enjoyed every single minute of it. 

My Dad was very knowledgeable in the Assyrian Language.  He was also patient and used humar while teacing us which made it very easy for me to learn.  At age 8, I started reading the Bible in my own language.

When a new church "The Blessed Virging Mary Church" was build in our neighburhood, my Dad started teaching the language in the backyard of the church. His students were of different ages, mixed of boys and girls and I was one of them.

Your Children  
 Younia, Danieal, Anna, Ashour, Hormis, Youkhana, Maria 
We Love you Dad 


My father's health got worse and worse everyday, he was a diabetic and a survivor of a massive heart attack.  All that it didn't stop him from going to the church every evening for the mass and teaching after the mass. On his last days he used a cane to help him walking to the church, to attend the mass and to teach the language and grammer after the mass.

For many years, he held classes twice a week in the backyard of the church. In 1977, my dad passed away.  He fought a long  battle and at the end his frail body gave up.  My father died six months before I graduated from the university, leaving behind seven of us and my Mom.

Most of us that we are adult and we of our own, I think and I hope that we taught them what we learned from our father.  I used to sit close to my father at home and listen to him talking about the Assyrian's history and how our people were divided by our  enemies. 

My father uesed to say, no matter what we call ourselves we should rememeber that we all are one nation. We have same language, same traditions and same religion. If we unite together we will become stronger and the world will have no choice but to recognize us as a nation.

He was a strong believer in Cultural Education for all assyrians by keeping the Assyriac language alive. Not only by speaking it but by larning how to read and write using our own alphabets. He knew the importance of education for our young adults and children, to save our identity as Assyrians and to keep us united & strong.

                  Here, I am 8yrs old-
sitting between my father and my lovely aunt Layea

I know that you are watching over me and if you can read this Dad, I would like to say this to you:
As a father, you nourished us with love, showered us with kindness and you took a very good care of my mom and every single one of us, thank you Dad.  As a christian, you were a perfect example of how a person can live like Jesus told us to.

You were kind, compassionate, considerate and very generous person to all of your friends, neighbours and their families. 
Your kindness stretched to strangers and to anyone who knocked on your door for help, of any kind. It didn't matter to you, if it was Christian or Muslim you just cared.  
One thing I know for sure Dad, I know why you left us suddenly & so early, God gently called you because your work was completed on this earth so it was time for you to rest in Jesus' land. You had a heart of gold Dad that many people where fortunate to see.  You were a wonderful man and an amazing father and we are missing you, especially me.

Rest in Peace Dad
Until we meet again Dad, bye for now!
Bratokh Alice










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