BAHRA d Ninveh

Tribute to Akha Putros

This is an old song, was performed by only by the Assyrian singer Walter Aziz 25 years ago.  Now, 14 singers men and women; Assyrian, Chaldeans and Syraics joined together to sing this brave song about our General Aga Putros.  Aga putros's aim was to prevent and to unit the Assyrian Nation that was divided by many enemies of our Assyrian Nation, as we can see. 

Today our educated Assyrians, Chaldeans and Syriac realize what happened and most important why it happened.  So, our brothers and sisters from all parts of Iraq and from all over of middle east came together with Walter Aziz to pay tribute to our Hero, Akha Putros who fought the outside power against this division, as we see today. 

This VIDEO is only a rehersal in the studio.. The original CD/Album are available in the market for sale. 


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