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Why in The World The World is Silent?

Why the international community is so quick to respond when Palestinians are mistreated by the Israel but when it comes to killing Christians of Iraq, the world is silent?  Even more puzzling is the silence of Christian leaderships, the silence of the churches around the world as their fellow Christians are being viciously attacked in Iraq.


Temporary shelter for Assyrian families in Burtulla, near Mosul.
Many of the "Denominations" in the United States, have adopted resolutions calling for Boycotting the companies doing business with Israel to protest its so-called mistreatment of the Palestinians.  

To all my brothers and sisters in relegion in the name of our saviour, Jesus Christ. Lets raise our voices and let the world be aware of the Ethnic-Slaughter against our people, the Assyrians, in Iraq.

Lets ask the various denominations & churches of the world christianity,. to speak out forcefully and vigorously on behalf of their fellow-Christians who are being so horribly massacred.

     Our Last Stand!

he Ethnic-Cleansing of the Assyrians (also known as Chaldean & Syriac) Christians of Iraq, reveals an organized campaign of massacre and destruction of this native population of Iraq.  The Violence against the Christians has increased with the rise of Islamist groups in Iraq.

                                                      Bombing Churches in Iraq 

Through threats forced conversions, murder, kidnapping, beheading of Church leaders, rape, and daily threats against their security and lives, the Assyrian Christian population in Baghdad and other major cities has decreased from a once-thriving community to almost nothing.   

                  Several dozen of Russians, ethnic Assyrians, picket outside the Embassy of Iraq in Moscow, Thursday, July 12, 2007 to protest against, what they call, unfair treatment of Christians in Iraq. The slogan reads: Save the Assyrian Christians of Iraq. From AP Photo by MISHA JAPARIDZE.            Those who have fled to Jordan and Syria face governments reluctant to recognize their refugee status (like Jordan) and are living in dreadful poverty.  Those who manage to flee to North Iraq face political and ethnic persecution at the hands of Kurdish authorities.  

* * *

The brutality of Assyrians in northern Iraq increased with the rise of Kurdish power. 
In Mosul (Nineveh) Northern Iraq the condition of Assyrians is becoming increasingly desperate.  During the past few days, many Christians have been killed in Mosul, just because they are Christians and several thousands have fled their houses and took refuge in Churches in the city and nearby mountains.     








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