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  The NewAssyrianYouth Club 
(Windsor, Ontario)   

On September 13, 2008, Windsor Assyrian Youth Group (WAYG) was formed in Windsor, Ontario.  
Full of 
eagerness and enthusiasm, a mixed group of boys and girls  gathered in the hall of a church to celebrate their club birthday. 
WAYG consist of a number of energetic Assyrian  boys and girls students, between the age of 13-19 yrs old.

              The couches of the group are Mr. Hermized Odisho Rehana and Mr. Faroon Rehana

The Youth's  mission is to build and strengthen the relationship within the Assyrian Eastern Catholic community in Windsor, Ontario.  The group is committed to their through educational lectures, language classes,  sports, picnics, and celebrating Assyrian events.    

I pray to God to give guidness and strenght to your coaches so they would be able to stern you in God's way. 
I pray to God to strengthen the relationship between your members in the group within your families and therefore, within your community in Windsor. 

Congratulations and God Bless!



 The Webmaster 














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